HEIMAT is a recomposition of John Cage's « Apartment House 1776 », where the main idea is to evoke cultures and traditions through various musical statements and styles, mingled as if overheard from open windows of apartment buildings.

Our aim is to relocate Cage’s, so called „musicircus“, to modern Switzerland. Thus we looked at the diverse „Heimaten“ of people living in Switzerland. „Heimat“ is a German word with no English equivalent. It translates to "home" or „homeland“ and has connotations specific to culture, society and most importantly the idea of German Romanticism, nationalism, statehood and regionalism.

The team of musicians and a sociologist is conducting interviews with people residing in Switzerland. The recorded spoken statements and musical samples form one part of the material for the ”musicircus”. The other material comprises historical and contemporary pieces of the concert music repertory for the Trio. The „found objects“ are cut, pasted and mixed together live and electronically in an audible collage "mash-up“.

16. September 2018

swiss chamber music festival adelboden

sportarena adelboden


22. September 2018

100 ways of Thinking

Kunsthalle  Zürich


Trio Triplet

HannaH Walter: Violin

Damien Bachmann: Clarinet

Stefanie Mirwald: Accordeon

Kollektiv Mycelium

Robert Torche: Electronics and composition

Jan Müller: Sociology (concept and research)

HannaH Walter: concept, research and composition